How I got here.

So, my name’s John Stippell, actually it’s John W. Stippell (I use my middle initial when I feel like being fancy), and I just found out I’m an Upper Junior here at QC, though this is only my second year here.  I started my college career at Manhattan College (which is actually in the Bronx) and after a semester of bad decisions I moved back to Long Island (Hicksville) and attended Nassau Community College until I earned my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts in the summer of ’08.  Then, unable to focus on my education because of some family issues, I took a year off from schooling.  During that time I worked full time, moved in with my girlfriend, and got a cat.  Somehow I ended up here at QC the following fall and I’ve been taking it day by day since then.  I am an English major, though I often question the decision I made to become one.  I have several other interests, the most dear to me would be music.  I listen to lots of it, buy lots of records, go to lots of shows, and talk lots about it with my nerdy friends.  I am also an active musician, playing guitar and contributing to songwriting and arrangements for a band called Polygon.  Beyond that I enjoy the outdoors, riding bicycles and taking hikes, watching the Travel Channel (though I can’t stand Andrew Zimmern), spending time with my family, and getting to know myself.  Well, that was longer than I had expected and I don’t normally use that many parenthesis, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this semester unfolds.

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