I found this sequence (which is found on page 142) to be one of the most striking of the entire narrative.  Though Marjane is very much aware of the war and violence that is occurring on a daily basis, this is the first instance where it has impacted her personally.  The collapsed structure once belonged to a neighbor of hers, a family she knew quite well.  Upon inspecting the rubble Marjane notices the turquoise bracelet that once belonged to her friend Neda.  What she also notices is that this bracelet is still attached to Neda’s ravaged body, a sight that Marjane cannot bring herself to fully recognize.  In this frames following Marjane exhibits her inability to comprehend what she has just witnessed; first she seems to be disgusted, then completely overwhelmed, and then finally she reaches a state that cannot even be represented by an image or description.  This signifies a turning point in Marjane’s life, the brutality has struck far too close to home and she can no longer safely remain in Iran.

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