No Sound, Just Fury (so far)

This is my first encounter with Faulkner, somehow over the past few years all of my survey courses have managed to shield me from his work.  I had always heard that his writing was convoluted and that his language was diffifcult, but that the content of his work was rewarding enough to keep readers interested.  So far, I’m not having any such luck in reaping any benefits from this text.  Like my classmate Michael Zyskind, I feel lost in this text and consulted a few online sources to aid in my confusion.  However, I remain unable to identify any moment that could qualify as enlightening.

With that said, I have to state that I am very impressed by the distinct voices of these characters and how seamless their interactions are, leading from one encounter to the next with little framing by Faulkner.  Though this is one of the aspects that I found confusing, Faulkner’s writing style is certainly admirable, unlike anything I’ve ever read.  I am hoping to move past mere appreciation for this text and enter into space where I can discern the language and actually engage with Faulkner’s writing.

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  1. I read your blog with interest and respect its forthrightness.

    I’m optimistic that you will engage sometime soon–please note if and when that happens

  2. by the way, would you post the syllabus for English 369? I had considered and now regret not having put “Native Speaker” on our list.


  3. Sure. America is in the Heart – Bulosan, No-No Boy – Okada, Native Speaker, My Year of Meats – Ozeki, the Namsake – Lahiri, Southland – Revoyr